Yvonne Nelson refuses to hug fan, results in abuse.



Fans are an integral part of any celebrity’s life as they literally make them who they are. This, however might not be the case for actress Yvonne Nelson as she refused to give a fan a hug which resulted to a physical assault .

The Nigerian fan whose  name was given  as Mr Elvis Eze by NewsOne, assaulted Ms Nelson when she refused him a hug.
The newspaper also added that “Elvis Eze, apparently bent on unleashing violence on the actress, chased her to her car, fiercely pushed her head as though he was inviting her to a wrestling match and was heard screaming at her and using very abusive adjectives including “who the f*ck do you think you are?”
Apparently, it was “the timely intervention of eyewitnesses that  rescued the frightened actress from the physical attacks she was receiving from the incensed male adult who was poised to humiliate his hapless female prey.”

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This strange incident happened on Saturday night during the birthday party of a fellow actress Ingrid Alabi in Accra Ghana.
Elvis who was said to have been  invited to Ingrid’s party,  joined in a photo section with Ingrid, Yvonne and some other celebs afterwards asked the movie star for a hug which she refused and this infuriated him and led to some verbal assault before chasing her up to her car on her bid to leave the party ground.
The incident was reported to the East Legon police by Ms Nelson but Mr Elvis is yet to be arrested as he was not found in his house.

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Ha! All this for just the refusal of a hug.. I think not!  WHAT DO YOU THINK??? 🙄

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