Watch Video Nnamdi Kanu asks for ammunition to fight Nigeria


We stumbled on a video footage of the world Igbo congress 2015 held in Los Angeles where the leader/Director of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu was in attendance to address Igbos present in the meeting. Nnamdi Kanu who is on an uphill movement to see that Biafrans are being “emancipated” from Nigeria took to podium and in his address asked for guns and ammunition so as to get Biafra ready for the task ahead.

In his words;

“”¦so we need guns and bullets from you people in America”¦..on the 22nd of this month something will happen it‘s called the blood moon”¦, in ‘67 before the war started there was a blood moon as well and there is blood moon this year because after this year we are going to be free no matter what happens because if we don‘t get Biafra EVERYBODY will have to DIE, as simple as that”¦”

The congress reportedly took place on September before his arrest.

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Watch video below


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