Video – Comedy Turned Fight! Helen Paul and Gordons go blow for blow on stage


Helen Paul and GordonsJokes can be really annoying especially when it has something to do with the hard truth or maybe not, but the point here is actually the fact that when a comedian throws jabs at a fellow comedian it might just not be as funny as it is to the audience. So here’s how it happened before we get you on with the clip…

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Jara lady and comedienne, Helen Paul was at this years not too long ago held Ay live show and when she was on stage to perform she decided to throw jabs at her cohorts and oh yeah for the wrong reasons, Gordons was in her joke track and the veteran comedian didn’t find it funny at all. It was a rather embarrassing experience as Gordons took to retaliate and the crowd were enjoying it oblivious of the fact that things might have gotten a little serious here and there. Helen Paul re surfaced on stage and … Anyways Hip TV were just on deck to capture the dirty moments, watch video below:-

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