Re Biafra: “Nigerian Government are Killing Our Women” (Video)


Biafra pronents

The Biafra saga is yet to end, one might as well conclude that this is just the beginning. The call for the disintegration of Biafra from Nigeria has intensified in recent days which can be traced to since the leader of the group Nnamdi Kanu was said to be arrested by the Directorate of State Security in Lagos state. Biafra proponents has been on various protests since then and the call for Biafra has been on a huge rise.

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In a recent video made available by ENDS,ng, Biafra proponents are seen protesting at the Nigerian High Commission office in Australia. The group who where made up of 5 men and a child were chorusing Biafra themed songs.

“We are the indigenous people of Biafra, Australia. We are sent by our people. A lot of us could have come here today, we are quite many in number but because of they had to be engaged in their activities job and other diplomatic meetings. Nigerian government does not want Biafra to live, they are killing our women, which is on record, they are killing children. They are holding our leaders, they don’t want to charge anybody, there’s no freedom of speech…” the spokesman of the group said.

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From the video below, the group fled when the consulate asked for their names… Watch video below

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