Quality husbands will be scarce in Nigeria in the near future



According to the National President of the Council of Catholic Women Organization of Nigeria,Chief Felicia Onyeabo, there will be a scarcity of quality husbands in Nigeria in the near future following the increasing number of male dropouts from schools in the last 10 years. Mrs Onyeabo said this at a press briefing to herald the inauguration of a catholic school in Abuja last week

“The future of this country is going to be very bleak for the male-child. How many girls do you see hawking clothes? Go to Onitsha, they are all men. We have looked round and have come to see that there is a neglect of boys in education. Who are the armed robbers on the streets? They are mostly the boys. Let us concentrate on training boys.

The NCCWO feels that a vacuum is being created, and very soon, we shall be faced with a situation where our educated girl-child will not find a corresponding suitable boy-child to marry. This is because more boys drop out of school, apparently because the high rate of unemployed youth discourages our young boys from appreciating the need to be educated. The NCCWO also considers the fact that in the near future, quality husbands will become extremely scarce, with too many highly educated women looking for husbands, and settling for anyhow husbands, just to get married. The result of this type of situation is better imagined and will not augur well for Nigerians.”she said


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      I think the catholic women organisation has more explanation to that hehe Quality has a whole diff meaning in their dictionary

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      To the best of my knowledge and from empirical verification , it’s only in Nigerian compared to anywhere in the world you will find marriable men with cogent fear of God as a result of Nigerians incontestable religious belief and practices which has far eaten deep into the fabrics of men, and by virtue of this quality later discoveries and analysis has further proven that women from other countries and other works of life have started digging deep as to Embracing an intimacy with Nigerian men because of these costly, adoring and admiring attributes , so why then do women back home who are supposed to be proposionist of this big grace turn around to make derogatory remarks about Nigerian men . I stand not to accept this from these group of women who are ignorant of what they have as regards the term quality

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