Pique and Shakira set to Miss Messi’s Wedding


Pique and Shakira set to Miss Messi's Wedding, Here's Why
While the absence of the celebrity duo is shocking, the reason behind it is even worse.

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According to a report published on Spanish Newspaper El Pais, Lionel Messi’s girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo does not want Shakira to attend the wedding due to the supposed bad blood between the two WAGs.

Shakira is said to have beef with Roccuzzo due to the latter’s close relationship with Pique’s ex girlfriend Nuria Tomas. Pique and the pop star started dating during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
It was during that time that Roccuzzo seemed unhappy with the Barca defender regarding the manner in which he had ended his relationship with Nuria. Leo’s girlfriend is believed to have blamed Shakira for Pique’s breakup with Nuria, hence the bad relationship between the two.

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The wedding will take place in the summer but the dates have not been confirmed. Lionel Messi and Roccuzzo have been dating for more than a decade and are blessed with two kids – Thiago and Matteo Messi.

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