Nigeria’s Super Man, Meet The World Strongest 77 Year Old Man (PHOTOS) 


Super Sampson in action

 Popularly known as Super Sampson, The World Sampson or Super Dragon the Akwa Ibom based man has been famous for all kinds of superhero feats including, eating bottles and pulling a car with his teeth.


An indigene of Ikot Eyo in Nsit Ubium L.G.A, in A.K.S., the Super Dragon is not just a local based champion as his tale has been told in many continents across the globe, Asia, Europe to mention but a few.

“He has been in the system since 1960-2000 and is still active” Owoh Etukudo who shared the photos on Facebook wrote.

His other achievements include, not being able to be thrown on the ground by 10 men and dragging up to 15 men in a tug of war.Well juju or no juju, u can’t deny his strength.

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