Happening Live: Pandemonium in Enugu Over Monkey Pox Army Immunization (video)


Monkey pox vaccineJust like in Anambra State, there is currently pandemonium in Enugu state as primary and secondary school children flee their various schools.

Speaking to one of the school pupil, she  said the whole school fled as a result of panic that the Nigerian Army has come to inflict the now viral  Monkey Pox, claiming it’s immunization against it.

According to a mother who hurriedly rushed to school for fear of her kids, a hearsay witnessed informed her that a child changed colour after receiving the vaccine.

It’s still unclear as to whether those claims are real, but we could verify that school ended around 12: 45, even before it’s usual time being 1:45pm.

Video from the scenes below;

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Pandemonium in Enugu as school children flee for their lives over monkey pox vaccine… Link in bio

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