Seven Monkey Pox Patients Recovers Fully in Bayelsa State


Monkey pox patient curedA total of seven (7) victims out of 13 victims of the much feared Monkey pox virus have recovered from it in Bayelsa State.

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In a statement released on Wednesday in the state’s capital, the commissioner stated that the recovered patients have been discharged from the hospital. He also said that the other six patients under medical surveillance were responding positively to treatment.

The commissioner said;

“The government has been able to successfully contain the spread of the disease as no new case has been reported in the last few days. With the way and manner government deployed its machinery and with the team of dedicated health and medical personnel, monkey pox will soon be fully kicked out of Bayelsa state”.

It could be recalled that the disease broke in Agbura area of Yenagoa, after a family is said to have consumed monkey meat.

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