Listed – Nationalities of the 717 pilgrims killed in Saudi Hajj Stampede


Saudi Hajj stampede

On Thursday, 24th September, about 800 pilgrims from various countries were reported dead and injured as the case maybe, as they were unfortunate casualties of the stampede at Mina, outskirts of the holy city of Mecca where pilgrims go to perform the ritual of  “stoning the devil”.  Read story here.

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Although Saudi authorities are yet to release the official list of the deceased and their nationalities, countries have announced the death of nationals. Here is the tally of pilgrims killed in the Saudi Hajj stampede as announced by their various countries.

– Algeria: 4 dead

– Benin: deaths confirmed but number unspecified

– Burundi: 1 dead

– Cameroon: at least 20 dead

– Chad: 11 dead

– Egypt: 14 dead

– India: 14 dead

– Indonesia: 3 dead

  Saudi Hajj stampede - Close to 800 casualties recorded

– Iran: 131 dead

– Kenya: 3 dead

– Morocco: 87 dead, according to Moroccan media

– Netherlands: 1 dead

– Niger: at least 19 dead

– Nigeria: 3 dead

– Pakistan: 7 dead

– Senegal: 5 dead

– Somalia: 8 dead, according to media reports

– Tanzania: 4 dead


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