Linda Ikeji, Mercy Aigbe Receives N500M Lawsuit each


Linda Ikeji, Mercy Aigbe Receives N500M LawsuitMercy Aigbe and Linda Ikeji individually​ got slammed with a N500M Lawsuit for defamation.

Recall that after​ reports of Mercy Aigbe’s domestic violence attack broke, the following day it was alleged that a lady, Opemititi also known as ‘Queen stunner’ was behind it all. Read full details​ here.

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Opemititi Ajayi’s legal advisers has filed a N500M lawsuit against both Linda Ikeji for breaking the news on her blog and Mercy Aigbe for claiming in an interview with Broadway TV that her husband slept with Miss Opemititi, a statement which is unsubstantiated and alleged fabricated.

Opemititi’s lawyers have demanded a retraction and public apologies from both Mercy Aigbe and Linda Ikeji, in the media, including their social platforms, and also demanded a total sum of N500m each from the duo, as damages. Read the lawsuit below.

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