Justin Bieber Disses One Direction…. Their Shocking Response



Are things between two major musical forces Justin Bieber and One Direction about to get really heated??
Justin Bieber snapped a video dissing One Direction over the fact that they have the same album release date.

Apparently, Albums of both Justin and One Direction drops on Nov 13th, but on the video, Justin made it really clear that there was no competition between the two and suggested they should actually be scared to compete with him.

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Although both Justin Bieber and One Direction are like major forces to be reckoned with in music, they never seemed to have bad blood between them.. But this could all change as Justin just publicly dissed them, and it all depends on their response..

A source revealed that the boys get along well with Justin, and when they saw his Snapchat video about his album release date…….wait for it…….they thought it was funny.
Apparently “It‘s kind of like an inside joke they have and will continue to play off of each other. The guys don‘t take it as a diss.”

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I, for one think it’s amazing that Justin’s video on sparked a friendly competition and not a feud…. Phew!!!!!!

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