ISIS Executes 19 Women For Refusing To Have Intercourse With Militants



ISIS terrorists have brutally executed 19 women who refused to have sex with the fighters.

Said Mimousini, a Kurdish official, claims that the women who had been held hostage in Islamic State‘s stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, were killed just a few days ago.

The official, who is a spokesman for the Kurdish Democratic Party in Mosul told Iraqi News: “The penalty decision came on the background of the refusal to participate in the practice of sexual jihad”.

Mimousini also claims that an argument about who would get the women and how much they are worth has caused a rift within ISIS‘ ranks.

According to more reports, thousands of women seized by the militants from the villages they conquer are sold or given as gifts to ISIS fighters who then rape and beat them. Some of these girls are as young as 14 years old and are most of the time Christian girls who ISIS sees as heratics.

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