Four Fake Soldiers Arrested in Lagos (photo)



John Izunwanne, 25, John Otu, 23, Richard Acha, 22, and Simon Anthony, 39 where arrested at different times for claiming to be soldiers of the Nigerian army. Simon Anthony, 39 who is hails from Adamawa state when interrogated said that he wore the uniform so as to get free transportation from Adamawa to Lagos state.

John Izunwanne said he wore the uniform because he wanted to secure free transportation.

“I wanted to go and sign my army recruitment form at Ojo Barracks when I bought the uniform at the Mammy Market. However, on October 7, my friend had a court case and I was to appear in court as a witness. The court was in Agege and I did not have the transport fare to go, so, I decided to wear my uniform to save me the cost of transportation.”

One of the arrested fake soldiers Otu who is a member of the Citizen for Peace and First Aid Missions in Nigeria, said he heard his friends were arrested and went to the police to secure their bail, only to be arrested for wearing the uniform.

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