Drake Disses Nicki Minaj In New Single


Drake disses Nicki minajOk we all know that Drake slayed Meek Mill in their not too long ago beef series… Of course we all enjoyed the movie and loved Drake for being Drake but right now seems Drake ain’t done yet and is not over the whole beef thing. Well perhaps because his ex-lover and sweetheart was involved you know. Let’s get it a little straight

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Drake’s vex could be certainly because Nicki Minaj was rather quiet when the whole feud between him and his boyfriend, Meek Mill heated up… or maybe more… One thing is for sure though, Drake ain’t happy with Nicki Minaj and he voiced it out in his new single off the mixtape with future… See Drake’s exact lyrics on the song below – maybe he went a little too far
















Drake Disses Nicki Minaj in new single




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