Brigadier General Ransome-Kuti dismissed from Nigerian Army for refusing to fight Boko Haram


General Ransome-KutiEnitan Ransome-Kuti a Brigadier general in the Nigeria army has been relieved of his uniform and duties/services to the Nigerian Army and the country as a whole. This is following a 6 months sentence prior to his alleged reluctance and apparently failing to perform his duties as the war against insurgent group Boko Haram intensified.

A statement by the Army acting director on public relations confirmed Brigadier General Ransome Kuti’s dismissal –

“In reference to media inquiry on the judgment passed by a General Court Martial on Friday at Army Headquarters Garrison, I wish to confirm that one of the accused persons, Brigadier General EA Ransome-Kuti, was awarded the following punishments on the various count charges against him as follows:

“The first count charge, which was “cowardly behavior”, was struck out but he was found guilty on count charge number two which was “failure to perform military duties” and   was dismissed from the Nigerian Army.

“He was equally found guilty on count charge number 3 which was “miscellaneous offences relating to service property” and was awarded six months imprisonment.”

General Ransome-Kuti

  Photo of Nigerian female soldier that was allegedly beheaded by Boko Haram

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