Asari Dokubo issues warning to President Buhari to back off Bayelsa polls


asari dokubo

The leader of the defunct Niger Delta militant group MEND, Asari Dokubo has issued a note of warning to President Buhari. Asari Dokubo says he wouldn’t condone Bayelsa state governorship elections being compromised.

Asari accused the present administration of trying to install its candidate, Timipre Sylva to become governor of the state. Asari threatened that there will be a heavy crisis if results do not reflect the people’s choice.

“If by next week the Federal Government does not hands off from the Bayelsa polls by allowing the people to freely choose their leader but still interfering through the observed various guises and deception, then we would have no option than to return to the creeks to press for our rights as patriotic citizens being unduly oppressed and dehumanized all in the name of politics. We have said it before that President Buhari is executing an anti-Ijaw agenda and his aim is to steal our God-given resources to rebuild the north destroyed by Boko Haram. That is why he is hell-bent on manipulating the electoral process in Bayelsa State and hand it over to the APC. They are exploiting Sylva‘s greed and desperation for power and therefore using him to carry out their evil agenda. But we want them to know that this country will go up in flames if they try it. Boko Haram will be a child‘s play if President Buhari and his APC think they can upturn the people‘s mandate. It would be a grave injustice which can never stand. We are Ijaw people and we have never been conquered”.

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