Access Bank Reacts to Airing X-rated Movie in Unilag Branch


One of the commercial Banks in the country, Access Bank has reacted to the incidence which took place at one of it’s branch in Unilag, where an X-RATED video was caught playing on screen.

Yesterday, a video made news rounds on social media as it saw an adult movie airing on the banks ATM tab.

The banks reaction statement reads;

“Our attention has been drawn to an obscene video being circulated on different social media platforms purportedly recorded on one of our in-branch mobile tables at the Access Bank Unilag Branch. Please be informed that we have tablets in our banking halls to enhance our customers’ banking experience. It is dishonorable for users of our in-branch tablets to visit inappropriate sites using any of the Bank’s platforms.
We regret any inconvenience this would have cause to customers that came in contact with the video as this is definitely not in line with our values.
We assure you that this would not happen again. Thank you for being our eyes and ears.”

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