45 NYSC Members To Repeat Service In Lagos State


youth corps members NYSCAs if the carry overs they might have battled with during their universities days are not enough, 45 youth corp members in Lagos will have to carry over their youth service to another year. According to the Coordinator, National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, Lagos State, Mr. Cyril Akhanameh he said, “45 corps members will repeat their service year due to physical absence from their places of primary assignments.”

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Mr Cyril went further to say these youth coppers left their place of primary assignment for over three months and when queried, they couldn’t provide any tangible reason for their absence from service post. He said that many of these youth coppers will have another service year added to to the one they missed while some other will have to serve for extra three months. Well this is of course according to the level of their offenses.

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