100 wasted days office?


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President Buhari has spent 100 days in office and it is only right to say that the long anticipated change Nigerians have clamored for is very far in sight.

Far in sight? yes of course and am pretty sure you misunderstood me here aha! I will explain in the course of this piece or maybe not, I might end up changing my mind sha. Okay lets get to this right away. You say President Buhari wasted 100 days in office? You are absolutely correct! and for those who say he has already achieved little, many or everything he needs to well good news you are also right and you know that you are right according to how you see it got that yeah!

Personally the only time I would acknowledge   change is when I feel the impact of this administration directly you know. Come on what do you expect, I should keep believing the news while am watching with my generator set powered with petrol I bought at ₦120 per litre? I got one advice for all Nigerians and that is simple, lets wait and see but am pretty sure the President is not sleeping on a bicycle he is doing just what he can. Nigerians need to exercise patience!

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I’ll continue this piece later though make I get some rest.

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