Shocking Photo: Mother Delivers Faceless Baby in Aba


babyChaos was the other of the day as residents of Aba, Abia state where taken aback by the very unusual occurrence at a hospital in Ogbor Hill.

An unidentified woman gave birth to a baby without a face ewww gross! Eyewitnesses, August 5 confirmed the incident and since then photos of this unfortunate incident has circulated the internet.   it is depressing to give birth to a deformed being after nine months and the cause of this ugly occurrence is yet to be ascertained.

Reactions from people: Some people reacting to the incident were of the opinion that the woman might have tried to abort the baby, some others say she took a drug that had an adverse reaction on the little baby while in womb while some others are of the opinion that she was just unlucky, it could have happened to anyone.

Meanwhile See photo below:-

faceless baby

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